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We are preparing for the school year 2022/23

Opening of one kindergarten class for 15 children

Opening of one primary school class for 20 children 1-2. vintage

We have launched a collection on
Help us get CZK 800,000 by the end of June

The reconstruction of the historic building of the Evangelical School is already underway in Sudice, it must be completed by September. We already have most of the money from the total budget of 6.5 million, but we still need to raise 800,000. Will you help us? 

Náplň školy
What will the judicial school be like?

Individual approach

A smaller number of children will allow an individual approach and sufficient space to support their talents and mutual cooperation.

Contact with nature

Thanks to the location of the school, children will have the opportunity to immediately get to know the immediate surroundings, local nature and landscape. 

Kind environment

We want the school to be a kind environment where children  they are not afraid to communicate and cooperate, which will significantly strengthen their self-development.

Since March 14, 2022, the school is officially registered at the Ministry of Education as

Church kindergarten and elementary school Sudice .

Enrollment in the Sudice School

Here you will find a downloadable application for admission, a request for deferral and a document with information on the registration process. In case of any ambiguity, please contact us.

Kdo bude ve škole učit?

Mgr. Jiří Bureš

evangelical pastor

Paní učitelka Jana má zkušenosti z malotřídky ve Vískách, Mateřského centra Boskovice a taky vedla boskovický oddíl Skautu.

Malotřídky mi vyhovují v individuálním přístupu k dětem. Jsou to takové rodinné školy s větším přístupem k přírodě."

DSC_0780 kopie.jpg
Pořádáme sobotní brigády

Abychom urychlili rekonstrukci, zapojujeme se od podzimu 2021 do stavby.
Pomáhají rodiče dětí, které budou chodit do Sudické školy, občané Sudic a členové boskovického evangelického sboru. Všem moc děkujeme.

Restoration of the evangelical school

On the square in Sudice stands a beautiful historic building - a former evangelical school.

For the last decade, it has served as a place for Sunday services and social housing.

Now the parish congregation of the Evangelical Church in Boskovice is returning to its original intention

and is working to restore the school.

Who is a church school for?

The Judicial School will be open to all, regardless of religious beliefs.

In addition to teachers, an evangelical pastor will teach children once a week.

The program will be based on telling and experiencing biblical stories.

The goal is to lead children to respect man and God's multifaceted creation.

School financing

The school project is of a non-commercial nature. The traffic will be for the most part
financed through the Ministry of Education. The amount of tuition will be set so that
the operation of the school was sustainable in the long run. At the same time, we strive to make the school

it was open to all and no social barriers were created.

Evangelická škola
Who is behind the project "Sudická škola"

The project arose from the initiative of the Boskovice Evangelical Church, led by the parish priest Jiří Bureš, who established cooperation with Dagmar Hamalová, a museum in Boskovice, a teacher and a politician.


Mgr. Jiří Bureš

evangelical pastor


Mgr. Dagmar Hamalová

preparatory team leader


Want to know more about the school? Contact us

We welcome the Sudeten School both now in the preparatory year and in the future operation
every idea and initiative of parents, grandparents and siblings of children and pupils.

Jiri Bures - 776 219 938
Dagmar Hamalova - 602 249 400

Data box of the school's founder (Czech Brethren Evangelical Church):  e6vep4g 

Contact person: Mgr. Helena Wernischová


Realizaci projektu „Sudická škola" podpořila Nadace ČEZ.

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